23 Dec, 2019 / Canada

Day in the life of Wondershare’s employees

- Written by emma

Hot on the heels of our new website launch, Wondershare employees have taken part in our biggest recruiting push yet.

Our team in Vancouver is currently recruiting across the product, design, and marketing departments at all levels. Keen to speak to new employees on an office culture level, we looked to our team to help uncover what working at Wondershare really looks like. The result: a day in the life of video that shows the wide range of people and projects in the Vancouver office. 

Shot and edited by our own in-house team in Vancouver, this video follows five of our employees and the broad range of projects that they work on. As well as how they feel coming to work at Wondershare. Speaking to Antony Poon and Timothy Hoggan, our Senior Video Producers, they had this to say:

“Every company has its strengths — Wondershare’s strengths lies in its collective of great people. But that’s hard to show if you’ve never heard of Wondershare before or personally experienced its culture firsthand. 

The amount of talent, hard work, and caliber of projects that gets done throughout the year by our employees really amazes us. And aside from the great work that’s being done, they’re all good and friendly people. The conversations and activities that go on in and around the workplace really shows how connected everyone is to one another.

We wanted to show that, and give the audience an authentic view into Wondershare. But above all else, we wanted to have fun and to share stories and laugh together.”

Speaking to video team leads, marketing specialists, designers, and senior account executives, this video showcases a wide-spectrum of talent from the team. 

Interested in working for Wondershare?

Take a look for yourself and see what life is like in our Vancouver office.