Tester benefits
Building a better product starts with you.

As a member of our beta program you’ll help shape Wondershare products by testing new features and improving localization support before they are available to the market.

Get early access

Like a VIP, you’ll get a first-look of new features, try products before anyone else, and connect with a community of like-minded people.

Influence development

Give direct product feedback to product designers and development teams, and receive personalized support.

Support product globalization

Help drive market adoption by giving feedback on localization and what can be done to improve user experience.

Earn rewards

As an added extra you can earn cash rewards or free product licenses for helping us improve our products.

What to expect after you join
Keep an eye for beta invites

After you sign up we’ll send you notifications when new features and products are available. As well as tips and tricks on how to be an effective beta participant.

Share your thoughts

As a beta tester, you’ll be able to provide direct feedback through surveys and one one one sessions with the product team.

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